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Should you want me to do a writers work shop for your group, please contact me. 


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5th Annual Books & Company Writers Workshop

The Quesnel workshop will focus on three common problems, Point of View, Show Don't Tell, and Active Voice.  The slide presentation and writing exercises are designed for aspiring writers and those who want to learn the basics of writing better. Ed will also deal with a section called, Mistakes I've Made along the Way. Bring a pencil and paper. Plan now to attend as these workshops are popular. 


The cost is only $20.00 per workshop. Children are free when with a parent. Register at Books & Company 

I would like to thank the participants in this year’s workshop in PRINCE GEORGE for their comments and suggestions in editing the exercise story.  Through the course of the afternoon we looked at :








GLITCHES RECONCILED The manuscript was edited from 836 words down to 732 making for  a tighter read.  Feel free to download both the original work and this one.  Spend some time comparing the two as this will help you to understand why editing is such and important part of writing. 

Download the writing exercise as a polished mss (PDF)


Download the writing exercise (PDF)


I am pleased to announce that again Books & Company is a partner in this year's workshop.  Weare excited about the fact that the workshop will be in Quesnel as well as Prince George.  Each venue will cover different material.

The Prince George event with lean heavily toward editing. On January 1, 2016 a short story will be available here for download. This will need to be editied which you can do ahead of time and we review it in detail at the workshop. This is an excellent opportunity for First Readers  and others who are interested in editing to learn what makes good writing. 

The Quesnel workshop will focus on two common problems, Point of View and Show Don't Tell.  Plan now to attend as both of these workshops are popular.  Bring along a friend, or your First Reader.

The cost is still only $20.00 per workshop.  Register at either Books & Company location.


 Author Fair

December 5, 2015 from 11am to 4pm at the Keith Gordon room of the Prince George Public Library.

I will be giving a ten minute presentation and have my books for sale.  Come with a friend and enjoy the event.



Books and Company Quesnel


Our new store, the long anticipated labour of love between several institutions (Books & Co., Granville's Coffee, Top Drawer Yarn, and Moonshine Coffee Roasters) is now open for you to come and browe and visit!

Please step in to the new shop located at 371 Reid Street in beautiful downtown Quesnel,  Relax in our upstairs lounge or sip coffee by the window with a book in you hand as the world goes by outside.


Skyfest 2015


Here are a couple pictures from this years Skyfest in Quesnel.

We again brought our Norseman CF-MAZ to the show.

This years feature attraction was my grandfather's old 1928 Johnson outboard motor.  There is a blog on the articles page about this motor.

A lot of dad's with their sons dropped by.  It was fun to see the little guys try and pull the engine over with the starter rope.





  Marian and I want to thank all the people involved in this   year's event for a job well done.




4th Annual

Books & company Writers Workshop

UPDATE - Jan 6, 2015

This year there will be a 20 minute break in the middle of the afternoon for everyone to visit around and take in the creative atmosphere generated by such a large number of writers and authors.


    We are pleased to announce that once again Books & Company has

invited us back for another writers workshop.  Last year's was the best

to date and this year will be even better with a lot of new material.

    Again we are staging this event on Saturday afternoons in ArtSpace.

If you write for fun or are seriously trying to be published, you will find

not only a wealth of information about the art of writing, but also some

advice on publishing.  The workshop takes place in the dead of winter

and while it may be cold outside, you will find a creative atmosphere 

among fellow writers that will help you press on as you put pen to paper.

    Sessions again are only $20.00 each.  Pick one of your choice, better

yet come for both as there will be material in each that applies to the other.

If you would like to get on the workshop mailing list, drop me a line on the Contact Author page.  I will be updating the

workshop information and sending out a one page write's tip about the middle of each month until we get together.

I look forward to seeing you there.  -Ed

 3rd Annual

            Writers Workshop

held in Prince George, B.C. a big succsess.

This year's workshops were very well attended.  Interest in the fiction workshop carried over into the non-fiction event the following weekend.  

The subjects mentioned on the poster to the right were well received with numerous questions being fielded and answered by the author.

Writing exercises which were part of the fiction presentation generated lively participation and some surprisingly good writing.

The discussion of dialogue, dealt with in deapth on the first week carried over and was expanded on as to its application in Creative non-fiction writing.  This and memoirs were the program parts that got the most attention.

I'd like to thank all for attending and especially those who took time to express their appreciation personally for the workshops.

Until next year,  ED




2013 Events                            

Visit us at one of these airshows:

Boundary Bay (Delta) July 27/28

Skyfest (Quesnel) August 4,5

Vanderhoof August 10

Chilliwack Aug 17,18

In addition to the Ontario Central Airlines book, we will be featuring Larry Milberry's new book about the Norseman.

 Thank you for all who attended the 2nd Annual Writers Workshop at Books & Company.

We all had a good time, learned a little more about the art of writing, and were encouraged by the creativity genrerated by the workshop.

For those of you who missed it, plan on attending the 3rd Annual Writers Workshop in January 2014.

Contact Ed Zaruk for more information. 


April 22 2012  

Slide show, author reading and book signing


Main terminal - Boundary Bay Airport 

Many thanks to Alpha Aviation for their hospitality and assistance with my book launch.  I would like to thank Susan and Danielle for helping with the setup.  Lyle, the airport manager for opening the terminal to us, and Fred for flying in from the US and attending my presentation.

The event played host to a number of Ontario Central Airline people, some who had not seen each other for 40 years.  It was heart warming to see old acquaintances renwed.  For those who traveled from Victoria and Schelt by ferry and from Prince Rupert by plane, thank you again.

I would also like to express my appreciation for all who bought the OCA book.  My it provide hours of enjoyable reading and bring back, or create new memories.

Visit my photo album of the event HERE


November 2011   Saturday, November 5,    2:00pm - 4:00pm

Starting in ArtSpace (and continuing on every Saturday in November) Quesnel author and writing instructor Ed Zaruk is offering a series of writing workshops!  Workshops are $15 each or $50 for all four ($10 each for students).  Drop in for one or all!  Topics include: Show Don’t Tell, How to Write Dialogue, Developing Characters with Emotion and Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way.  Also on November 12th, 19th and 26th.  Pease contact Nicole for more information.



ArtSpace at Books and Company

1685 3rd Avenue

Prince GeorgeBC V2L 3G5

(250) 563-6637




Write Better 101-             

                                       This is an expanded four part workshop covering:  Show Don't                                                                                         Tell, Dialogue, Character, and a whole host of items to produce                                                                                        a clean manuscript.   



Hi Folks-   Presently I'm doing street markets around Vancouver Island.  Aug 6 & 7 I'm at the Sooke Arts show.

Look for me at the Nanimo waterfront on Friday Aug 12 the the next day, Saturday at the Langford street market.


 G'day Prince Georgeians!

Continuing with our author visits, we have the pleasure of hosting Ed Zaruk for the afternoon THIS Friday May 13th!  Ed, author of Altar and Throne, has just released a new book, Falklands Deadline, that he would love to talk to you about!  Or, if you’d rather, Ed would love to sit down and talk about writing with you (he is an absolute wealth of knowledge) .. . . or anything at all!  Ed is a wonderful man, a Books & Co. favourite and he will make Friday one heckuva day – stop by and say hello to our “Author of the Day!”

Thanks to all who showed up and especially to those of you who bought my book - ED     


                         Author's panel at Books & Co.


Workshop subjects:

                                     Culture Bridge -

                                                              This PowerPoint presentation has been designed for high school students                                                                           taking First Nations study courses.  It presents an in-depth look at                                                                                       Canada's bush pilots during the decades from 1920 to 1960 and how they                                                                           connected the Indian reservations to the rest of Canadian society.


                                    From First Draft to Polished Print

What do agents and editors want from your fiction writing?  This hour long workshop with an open ended question period will   provide the answer.  Whether you are trying to be published, or just want to improve your writing skills, the information discussed will prove invaluable.  


                                    The Art of Editing -         Helping high school students to edit fiction writing

                                                                                                                                    Request info on workshops


Past Workshops: (click on date to see review)

                        March 6, 13, 20, 27   Quesnel Library-                                                                                                                                                          4 week writers drop in workshop                                  

                       January 28, 2010-       Writing workshop FROM FIRST DRAFT TO POLISHED PRINT

                                                                           University of Northern British Columbia, Learning Skills Center

                                   Dec 10, 2009 -    Writing Workshop at DP Todd Senior Secondary School 


Altar and Throne reviews:

                                "It hit so close to home that, at about 3/4's of the way through, I said to my wife

                                 that I thought this was the best book I had ever read."

                                                                                  Bob Mitchell -  retired B.C. bush pilot and airline captain


 Quesnel Cariboo Observer

Through storyteller eyes

By Annie Gallant 

Published: November 04, 2008 5:00 PM

Almost 20 years ago, Ed Zaruk gave up his expensive hobbies and informed his wife Marian he was going to be a writer.  Since he always loved reading, Zaruk figured a couple of pencils and a few sheets of paper would be his investment.  But his first novel, which now lays in a drawer, unpublished, took 10 years to complete.

“Writing is the hardest work I’ve ever done,” Zaruk said.

A comfy couch in a hotel lobby, yellow lined pad of paper and a few free hours are all he needs to write.

 “I drive a lot in my regular job,” Zaruk said. “That’s where I work out my ideas.”

That first manuscript was painstakingly perused by Marian where spelling, grammar and structure were scrutinized.

“I have a stack of rejection letters for that novel,” Zaruk said.  He wrote what he loved, a thriller novel.

However, what possibly is the most influential exercise during that process was the couple began attending writers conferences, including the prestigious conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo. where they rubbed shoulders and picked the brains of some of North America’s best novelists.  Many of which were women.

“I started reading women authors and switched from plot driven work to character development,” he said.  “It was totally out of my genre.”

A chance reading of a true story about a pilot who flew a Norseman bush plane, carrying Indian children to residential schools, sent Zaruk on a journey to a completely different world.

On their way to Jackson Hole in 2004, Ed waited anxiously for his wife to finish reading what he had been working on for six months.

“I was prepared to put it in the drawer with the other three manuscripts,” he said.

“She loved it.”

But Zaruk was far from finished, the subject matter was controversial, the character development and relationships complex.  The novel was taking on a life of its own and Zaruk followed its lead.

Wanting to set the right foundation for this body of work, research played a big part in his writing, digging for the authentic details about a lifestyle almost gone.  Zaruk found through the residential school system and urbanization of First Nations people, much of the Native culture was lost.

His first chapter, where white boy Ted meets Ojibway Native Jack, took three months to develop.  “I wanted to portray the universal language of children at play,” Zaruk said.  “It took a long time.”

Altar and Throne took almost two years to complete.

Set in Kenora, Ont., Zaruk developed the Native personalities based on his personal experience there as an aviation mechanic, stories from his mother who lived around Native communities before residential schools and his research.

Ed and Marian didn’t always agree on how the story developed. In fact, his wife demanded one very tragic scene be removed, but Zaruk remained firm.  “I go where the characters take me,” he said.  “The characters are my friends. That scene had to remain in the story.”

Altar and Throne carries the reader through the challenging times when the Canadian government, in partnership with the church, removed Native children from their historical and cultural roots and placed them in the hands of sometimes corrupt and cruel individuals.  Zaruk weaves his story based on fictional, but authentic characters in an emotionally gripping tale where friendships and family relationships are tested, and sometimes fail.

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