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 News from my writing desk:

Summer is always a challenge when it comes to writing.  I would rather be outside in the fresh air cutting my grass than sitting in front of a computer screen telling myself I really want to be here.

That being said, I have edited a couple full lenght manuscripts for fellow authors.

Marian and I spent and enjoyable weekend at Skyfest 2015 at the quesnel airport during the first weekend in August.  I came with the Norseman and also brought my grandfathers old 1928 johnson outboard motor.  Proved to be a real hit with fishermen in this part of the world.

Please be assured I am working on a follow up novel to Altar and Throne.


                   Photo- Ed  in front of CF-JEC at Red Lake ON 

A Bit of my History

For a recent post about my early years view my latest blog in the About the Author section.


As my life unfolded, the opportunity to become a pilot escaped me, but I did work for Barney Lammt the OCA Redditt maintenance facility in the final years that Barney's Ball Lake lodge was in operation. When mercury pollution shut down the livelihood of most everyone on the Grassy Narrows Reserve, closure of the Redditt hangar followed.
        Returning to British Columbia, I settled in my wife, Marian's, hometown of Quesnel, and raised a family. As my sons worked their way through highschool I became interested in writing.

        In 2004 I chartered a Cessna 180 from Walsten Airlines for a two hour flight to Ball Lake and the English River system north of Kenora. Little did Marian know when she climbed in the back seat that the flight would last seven years. During that time she has patiently sat through endless hours of interviews and helped me compile them into my recent book Ontario Central Airlines - The Kenora Years. The fact that this manuscript was granted a 'Certificate of Airworthiness' and took flight between two covers is due in no small part to her editorial skills.  

Although my name is on the cover, this really isn't my book. Three pages were required to acknowledge the assistance of OCA pilots, mechanics, dock workers, former managers and dispatchers who contributed to its content. This is their book. They should rightly be proud of it.

Today Ontario Central Airlines exists only in distant memories. The fleet of airplanes Barney operated, from Piper Cubs to Norseman and DC-3s was the training ground for many pilots who went on to fly for major carriers the world over. I'm proud to have worked for Barney Lamm and been given the opportunity to write this book. I hope you enjoy its historical record of his airline.                                                                         

  Ontario Central Airlines - The Kenora Years                                                                                                                            
Picture- The author and his wife at Ball Lake 2004.
  Available in April 2012 from Haakon Publishing                                                                                                                                                              



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